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Sonia is a devoted wife, mother of two, and has lived in the Paterson electorate for almost 30 years.

Learning, and teaching what she has learned to others, is something Sonia loves - particularly when she knows it is going to improve their work skills, life skills, and overall quality of life.

Whether it’s volunteering at the local op-shop, helping fundraise for the Girl Guides, or cooking meals for those in need, Sonia immerses herself in the community and eagerly helps people from all walks of life.

Sonia fights for the freedoms of others, for better mental health and paediatric services, and for the accountability of our elected politicians. The time has come for career and hereditary politicians to step aside as we the people take back control of our nation.

Sonia is a founding member of Friends of Freedom, a community group that unites the independent political parties to bring the truth to all voters.

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